Why students fail in exam...?

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It's not the fault of the student if he fails, because the year ONLY has 365' days.

Boring Lecture

Typical academic year for a student:

TV Sundays-52, Sundays in a year, you know Sundays are for rest. Days left 313.

Melting Summer holidays-50 where weather is very hot and difficult to study.Days left 263.

Sleepy 8 hours daily sleep- 130 days GONE. Days left 141.

Swinging 2 1 hour for daily playing- (good for health) means 15 days. Days left 126.

Munchy 2 hours daily for food & other delicacies (chewing properly & swallowing)-means 30days. Days left 96.

Gossip 1 hour for talking (man is a social animal)-means 15 days. Days left 81.

Cheater Exam days- per year at least 35 days. Days left 46.

Presents Quarterly, Half yearly and festival (holidays)-40 days. Balance 6 days.

Sneezy For sickness- at least 3 days. Remaining days=3.

Movie TheaterMovies and functions - at least 2 days. 1 day left.

11. That 1 day is your birthday.
Make A Wish
How can you study on that day??????!!!!!!!!!!

Balance = 0

Then h ow can a student pass ??"