Amazing Love Story!!!

This is the story of two people Nick and time. They were strangers working in the same office but have never interacted with each other. They were gods two creations who were of two different castes. Nick was working there as a manager of the department of Online Marketing and time was working as a writer in the content department. Both talented but different personalities. One day so as the destiny had to bring them together. There was a small writeup to be written for which he needed help. So he sent a formal mail stating the work and the deadlinee. Hoping that the work shall be done and wanted to just convey the message across about any further clarification needed on the same. Nick called Time and spoke to her. Time being those street smart guls with a good conversation skills answered to the questions properly but as their first conversation had to be memorable they were on a small disagreement over the deadline issue. The deadline given by Nick to Time was 2 days to which she complaint saying that we have other work also. Let me tell you one quality about Time she does not leave a single opportunity taunting at the opposite person. This infuriated Nick also at that point but logically speaking it was right because you should have asked the team who would be doing that work before finalising it with the client. Nick spoke to the client and got the timeline issue sorted. Next was communicating with Time and asking her to get the work done with new timeline. Nic thought talking again wid that gul but he had to so he spoke to Time and communicated it to her. This was how they started their conversation on a bitter note not knowing what is gonna follow next. The project was executed and the client liked the work and so did I (Even though I had done some corrections before releasing the same) So I wanted to appreciate the work so I thot I shall call her as well as send my appreciations in the mail. Also there was some other work that Nick wanted to discuss with Time. So he called her and spoke to her. They exchanged a few pleasantaries and also asked about their health now the conversation started to increase at which Nick thought that why not get her Gtalk ID (as Yahoo messengers were not allowed in the office). he called her again and asked her Gtalk Id which Time gave immediatedly. This was the beginning of one of the many talks between the two. Next day onwards chatting on Gtalk became a regular affair. Day in day out they started to talk casually about the day and what they were doing. You know those general talks that most lovers do in the initial stages. What have you been doing the whole day and what is it that you are planning? How is your dog and how is your cat? With all these daily talks over the chat and over the call the mobile bill rose to about 2500 from a meagre 300. This was the first indication that they had started liking each other but still they had not commited that infront of each other. Will they propose each other.Rest of the story next time.............................Do keep checking this blog for more.