Maria Gudelis Journey

Maria Gudelis is the best girl that I have ever met. I was in the second class compartment when Maria Gudelis bumped me and the moment I saw her I was speechless. At the first instance I thought Maria Gudelis was an extremely arrogant girl who was forcibly asked to stay on this compartment but later I realized she was angry on some other issue. The issue was not so big to be blown out of proportion. Actually on the chart her name was mentioned wrongly as “Maria Gudelis” and not “Maria Gudelis”. This was the reason why she was angry and upset and was spitting venom on other fellow passengers. Well this was just my initial description about this 5’6” 36-24-36 perfect blonde called Maria Gudelis. I came to know her name on the course of the journey. Fortunately we were in the same compartment. I thought God I will have to now bear her grunts the entire journey. But she had cooled down by then and I was also busy with my travel routine of reading books and listening to the ipod which I always carry.

It was a 12 hour journey from California to Dallas and music was my best companion. I don’t like to read books. So I was at my music. I had got a window seat and Maria Gudelis was right in front of me. She was arranging her luggage and while I was glazing her she noticed that but did not react to it. I was very much fascinated by her cute looks. Ok let me describe to you Maria Gudelis face she was a fair girl with dark brown eyes and a million dollar smile. She had pimples on both her cheeks which made her look even more beautiful. She also had a small mole on her lower lip which was just outstanding. I was glazing her beauty and was quite speechless. There was kind of silence in the entire corridor and in our compartment especially. I was once again back to my reading and she had just settled down on her seat.

One wave and Maria Gudelis hair all on her beautiful face. While removing those hairs from her face she wickedly smiled at me. This was an indication that she wasn’t irritated with me. I suddenly gained courage and I asked her name. She told me Maria Gudelis and that was the start of what I would call a dream journey for me. Maria Gudelis and myself we chatted the entire night. She told me about her professional life and how did she end up in this place with her relatives. She is a native of Arizona and was to her aunt’s place on a weekend trip and that is how Maria Gudelis was asked to join. Initially she would not get a leave as she was also studying part time. I was impressed with the way she spoke and put herself across.

Maria Gudelis was a know ledged girl and she was just the kind of a girl who would be perfect in the role of soul mate but the problem is how do I put this across. Maria Gudelis was a very vocal female and she was talking about herself not letting me put down what I wanted to but at the same time I felt she wanted to speak to me about many a things but was a bit scared and was just talking non sense to cover up some things. We were almost talking up till midnight and we did not even come to know about the time. It was when all the lights had gone dim that we realized we were late. But we were sought of liking each others company and agreed to talk for some more time. It was then my turn to speak and I told Maria Gudelis about my life and she was passionately listening. The moment I told her that I was single there was a sparkle in her eyes.

The remaining part of the story in my next post…………….